How to Lose 70 Pounds, (part 3)

My first (you read that correctly) surgery in early December was not only the first in the process of treating my obesity, it was also my first ever. As I indicated in previous posts, fears around anesthesia, not waking up, losing control, etc., formed the basis for the majority of the anxiety I felt heading into the surgery theater the first time. In the back of my mind, I couldn't shake the thought that the (albeit brave) decision of going through with my plan might also be my last! I usually do my best to avoid wearing my anxiety on my sleeve at home - Paige and I both feed off each other and the picture ends up not being pretty. I'm sure the weeks leading up to December 1 were about as stressful for her as they were for me.

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How to Lose 70 Pounds, (part 2)

When I finally made my decision that bariatric surgery was a good decision for me, I immediately felt anxious. I believed it would be a great tool for me in getting back on track with my health. But there were so many unknowns.
Is this the right decision after all?
Who should I tell about it?
I thought about the hypothetical reactions my church members, colleagues, and friends. What would they think about the idea?
What if I end up regretting it years down the road?
Is major surgery worth the risk when there are alternate safer treatments available?

My mind hummed with potentialities.

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