unBeatitudes: Blessed are the Winners

This is the second post in a series dubbed "UnBeatitudes" - click here to read the first post of the series.

Blessed are the winners, for they will be celebrated. You're blessed if you haven't lost, if you now have what you always wanted, if your heart's desire has never been under threat - because you've never been forced to try to piece together a ramshackle after catastrophe. 

You're blessed if you've not suffered the emotional inconvenience of loss;

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unBeatitudes: Blessed are the Successful

Blessed are the successful, for they earned what they have.

Blessed are those who pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, who work harder and smarter than the rest, who outlast the field to earn their slice of the pie. Blessed is the early bird, who stands before other achievers to claim to the best, biggest, juiciest worm. Blessed are the victorious, who withstand all challengers to conquest.

Blessed are the the self-confident, the audacious, and the unapologetic, for they command attention, well positioned to get what they want. Blessed ar

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